Online Resources

  • The Centers for Disease Control is a great source for the latest health news and research on a variety of subjects. Find them online at
  • Individuals trying to quit smoking can find a number of resources to help them kick the habit at the NYS Quitline website at and the American Lung Association at
  • Finding information about diabetes is quick and easy at
  • Need help reading that nutrition label? The FDA has a full guide, which you can find here.To learn about proposed changes to the way that label looks, click here.
  • For health and safety information surrounding cancer, check out the American Cancer Society.

Tools to Help You Improve Your Health

There are a lot online tools and apps that can help you improve your health, but knowing which ones to turn to can be difficult. We've selected some of our favorites, and made them available to you below.

Health Trackers

  • Active Trainer is a program offered by Aetna insurance that encourages you to get out and get active. Whether you are training for a race, looking for local events or just want to track your daily activity, Active Trainer is there to help!
  • ChooseMyPlate Supertracker is the USDA's answer to a comprehensive health tracking strategy. Offering information and tools to help you track your activity and nutrition, this program is designed to be your one-stop-shop to improve your health.
  • MyFitnessPal is a flexible tracker that helps individuals lose weight by tracking their calorie intake and activity output. MyFitnessPal is compatible with a number of apps and devices.


  • Fooducate is a free app available for iPhone or Android that allows users to scan items from the grocery store and instantly find their nutrition information and offers an easy-to-read measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) that item is! A version specifically designed for diabetics is also available for a nominal fee.
  • Wegmans Mobile App provides customers of Rochester's most popular grocery purveyor with full nutrition facts for each food item in the store. Combine this with the tools from the Wegmans Eat Well Live Well website for more information about making healthy nutrition choices.
  • The FDA Nutrition Label Guide is a resource for individuals who may find the layout of nutrition labels confusing. This website provides simple tips for how to read the label on your groceries and understand what they mean.