We don't have to tell you the importance of investing in your employees' well-being. We all want and need a healthy and engaged workforce. However, crafting a comprehensive wellness plan can be challenging. That's why we developed our new virtual events series. After a decade of serving 70+ organizations in the region with exceptional outcomes, we know how to help employees take care of themselves. Our virtual expert-led wellness sessions will help your employees delve into key strategies for improving their lifestyle, providing ideas, education, and inspiration to give participants the tools they need to prioritize their well-being, manage stress, and revive their bodies, minds, and spirits.


Virtual Group Wellness Program

Join us as we take time to rest our bodies and tune into our minds with the Revive Program. Modern life is busy and chaotic in ways we’ve not anticipated or experienced before. We’re stretched to our limits, tired, weary, and seeking respite. The Revive Program explores practices to help participants renew their energy and restore their inner peace, and teaches strategies for harnessing mindfulness amid the busyness of life.

  • Session 1:
    Breathing New Life

    Practice mindfulness with diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Session 2:
    Trust Your Gut

    Explore mind-body practices that stimulate the “rest and digest” system, enhancing blood flow to the gut for improved digestion.

  • Session 3:
    Restorative Movement

    Practice body movement as a way to restore and revive the body and mind.

  • Session 4:
    Redefining Self-care

    Discover your unique self-care needs and values.

  • Session 5:
    Refreshing Sleep

    An exploration of wind-down activities to support a quiet mind and healthy sleep.

  • Session 6:
    Connecting Through Laughter

    Explore laughter as a way to connect with yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

  • Session 7:
    Put Down the Stress

    Learn more about stress and its impact on us, and practice ways to literally “put down” the stress.

  • Session 8:
    Envision Your Life

    Visualize your perfect day and discover what makes you feel revived.

Program Details

  • $350/participant
  • Tuesdays, March 6 – April 23
    12 –12:45pm
  • 8 weekly virtual sessions connect employees from various organizations to create a unique dynamic in an environment intended to foster both meaningful connections and personal growth.


The health and wellness of your team isn’t just a perk – it’s a priority.

Our 45 minute workshops will give participants insight into pertinent topics while providing an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

January: Goal Setting with Purpose

Struggling with goals that don’t stick? Learn the power of self-compassion, motivation, and effective goal-setting in this webinar. Discover how to make your goals a reality!

February: Heart Health

Discover essential facts about heart disease and ways to lower your risk. Delve into controllable risk factors, interpret key health “numbers,” and equip yourself with the knowledge to maintain a healthy heart in this workshop!

May: Powered by Plants

Food is fuel, but the right ones can promote healing and create great joy. Learn what makes plant-forward eating so powerful, how to add more tasty plants into your diet, and why it matters.

July: Yoga & Guided Meditation

Bring awareness to your body and quiet your mind with this 30-minute gentle yoga session followed by a 15-minute meditation. Facilitated by a certified yoga instructor.

September: Moving with Purpose

Movement is the key to keeping your body and mind healthy. Join us as we engage our bodies in purposeful movement to restore and revive the body and mind.

November: Mindful Eating around the Holidays

Navigating holidays while maintaining a healthy routine? Join us to learn strategies for a mindful and healthier approach to eating and exercising during the festive season.

December: Time to De-Stress

Understand how stress impacts your wellbeing. Identify your stress triggers and gain techniques to manage them. This session provides strategies to ease stress, promoting balance, stability, and satisfaction.