"Kimberly did my biometric screening. She made me feel comfortable during the whole process. She gave recommendations on what I could be doing to better improve my health. She never made me feel bad about myself but reinforced the positive. "

"Robin has a calming and non-threatening way about her that makes discussing my health concerns and goals truthfully easier. I looked forward to each session with her and I knew if she didn't know the answer she would do her research and send me helpful information or to someone who could help me in the area I was struggling in."

"Ging remembers details of my crazy life and helped create plans to increase healthy behaviors that were realistic and would fit into my lifestyle. Ging helped me to see that healthy behaviors could be worked into my life in small steps."

“Natalie has been a huge help in my life since the pandemic hit and before. Having a nutritionist has helped me focus on not only my nutritional health but also my mental health.”

“Kimberly was absolutely wonderful while completing my Biometric screen! Her demeanor was incredibly pleasant, and she explained every aspect of the screen in great detail! I can't wait for next year!”

"Admittedly, I was trying to just check off the box of completing the screening and Sam made it very informative, relevant, and fun! We talked about the helpful services under the umbrella of employee wellness and even biking around Rochester. He helped me to identify some helpful tools to bike to work, something I have been nervous about doing. As a new employee, I appreciated his warmth and kindness."

“Tina did a great job helping me meet a health goal. She is cheerful, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to! Thank you, Tina!!!”

"Deanna took extra time to go through my bio-screening results because some of my numbers were elevated/out of normal range. I think she saw that I was concerned by my results and took extra time to discuss ways I could improve my results so I wouldn't leave feeling concerned."

“Natalie taught me about eating healthier to potentially prevent high cholesterol without medication. She was very specific, knowledgeable, supportive, and a great listener. I was determined to get my elevated cholesterol under control and lower without medication. With Natalie's knowledge I was able to drop 35 points in about two months! ”

"Maureen was very personable and went out of her way to give me recommendations for programs that were personalized to my needs and interests. She made the biometric screening a more valuable visit. I felt like I got more out of the visit than a few numbers and some money."