UR Medicine Employee Wellness.

An evidence-based wellness program for your organization. From the region’s leading academic medical center.

Wellness that works.

Most organizations have a simple goal for their wellness program: that it works for their employees.

UR Medicine Employee Wellness is committed to creating solutions that work for each unique organization. We offer comprehensive evidence -based programs that are customized to the needs of each organization and employee. We work to achieve maximum participation and measurable outcomes.

Grounded in evidence.

UR Medicine Employee Wellness gives your organization a solution that is based on science and delivered by the area’s top clinical experts.

  • Developed by a multidisciplinary team at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.
  • Proven by research to deliver measurable and lasting results.
  • Delivered by experts from the region’s leading academic medical center.


Why UR Medicine?


We provide outcome-based programs that cover a wide range of employee needs. We offer services that include health screenings and risk assessments, targeted program placement, lifestyle and condition management coaching, wellness workshops, and aggregated outcome reporting.


We offer on-site and tele-health (video-conferencing) programming options. We work with your organization to provide access to all employees, including shift workers.


We all have an important role in keeping our community healthy. We partner with primary care providers (PCPs), employers and payers to provide impactful solutions aimed at keeping people healthy.


There is no cookie-cutter approach to wellness. Our program evolves with each organization we serve. We tailor our wellness programs to help your employees in the areas they need it most.


In addition to effective wellness programs, we provide program planning, implementation, program promotion, engagement strategies, outreach, and reporting. We do it all. Every aspect of our program design is coordinated to build a culture of wellness and improve long term health outcomes.

Get a wellness program that's based on what works.

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